de la luz- light infused design ™


Throughout creation

the canvas of life is being revealed,

ever changing and mostly unseen.

An image is captured "of the light" begging to be shared.

2019© steven kaye photography



de la luz is the collaborative vision of Steven Kaye and Tim Lee, and was inspired by travels throughout Mexico,Central America,Argentina,Spain and the natural beauty surrounding their home in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Steven is an artist and designer, currently focusing on photography. Tim enjoys photography and writing; connecting the right words to the image.


steven kaye


“I have always been intrigued by the interplay of color and texture. Looking back, I see this was the beginning of my creative journey. Initially I used earth as an artistic expression, forming vessels out of clay; not realizing at that time that creating art would be something I would carry through my life. As life evolved, so has this journey; with my artistic expression re-framed and now focused on capturing images through photography. Looking forward, my goal is to share these images “of the light” and be open to where this artistic path leads me.”


tim lee


“As a student of life, my favorite lessons have come through observing people and nature. People, who even in the most desperate of human conditions have eyes brimming with hope and resiliency; and nature, whose diversity and complexity continually amaze me. We have all had those moments of connection, either with another person or in nature… thinking “I wish someone was here to see this”. That is what “de la luz” is about for me… being able to share a moment in creation, a connection to life, or a glimpse of someone’s hope; with the rest of the world.”